Friday, June 19, 2009

new found love

freakin cool....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

questions ending with fruitless results...

it seems life is coming to its end.
my ex is dying.
my imagination seems to fade,
and my sights are getting more and more blurry..
is this the end?
does my creative display of creations coming to a full stop..
i feel weak..
im finally alone...
no more sound echoes in my ears...
the sense of touch are course no matter how soft the matter is..
im withering away...
the darkness is calling me..
i must adhere to its call..
good bye..
dear friends..

Monday, June 15, 2009

limp up the volume for the anonymously idiotic!

dear baby!!
fuck off been so lazy to go online!!!!
been damn lazy to even open my fb, ms, tagged, fs and so on...
don't want to be addicted to the Internet but yet..
it calls for me when it comes to downloading new songs...
like always,
been shopping to get the days over...
starting with the Malacca trip.. (nabs, izzah..finally right?)

i wanted to cancel at first coz i had to meet up with a client to discuss her design...
ive forgotten the fact that the trip was for going the next Saturday ( the same day as the meet)
managed to cancel and push it over the next week.
(cant really been in full detail cause a full week has passed OK...)

woke up at 8 ( first time in a Monet)
nabel arrived late! around 1030..
LO and be HOLD izzh was in the back.
(izzh is nabels friend whom study at the same institution as me which is UiTM Seri Iskandar studying landscape design to whom has informed nabel that she seen me but says that i pout and seem stuck up where as nabel approved of this fact. now I'm on a mission to show my true color.)

at first it was damn awkward!
but the ice begins to melt when the topic of baby and hubby came to rise...
***** is or was referred to as baby by his beau so we teased him like hell!!

oh baby baby...
how was i suppose to know...

baby its fact!!

we stopped for bfast at kfc..
which izzah just bought rice porridge therefore left me dumbfounded on how one can eat porridge for breakfast ( seriously! do people do this?)
me and nabel ate this small portioned burger but at least it fulfilled the request of my annoyingly LOUD stomach grumble.
(beforehand, we've began shopping at the petronas(i think) station's shop.)

off to MALACCA!!!

yes. off to Malacca indeed...
taking about another 3 hours to be exact!

the trip was WAY TOO long...
the Freakin GPS kept on going ALTERNATIVE ROUTING
at least it was a female voice...
nabel grouch on why the voice was not made to be more interesting..
(duh... if it went erotica accidents would be caused by aroused drivers... interesting though... erotica GPS.. should post this idea..)

when we finally touch down on the soil of MALACCA (HAAAAAAAAAAAA... (cue heavenly hymns) toilet stop was a must...

last one out of the car is a monkey!!
last one to enter the was is a monkey!!!
(i was never the monkey..)

to start the trip officially,
we went to nabels KBU fren's sister's wedding.


(nice ass)

was quite fun though..
when we arrived...
all eyes was on us..
(i felt stupid coz i was wearing shorts for the wedding... at least we managed to first change our clothes... me still wearing shorts but changed to a blue collared tee. nabel put a collared shirt over his tee and buttoned. izzah put on a whit kebaya. she looked heavenly but was spoiled by the fact that she wore here male dark brown romp jeans... (almost wanita melayu terakhir sangat..)

we saw some johorean imported dancers..
quite funny to see grown ups dance poco-poco.

continue on!!
off to JONKER!!
thx to nabel's GPS..
we got lost.

cutting to the arriving part..
we went round and round to find the parking and finally!!!!
we found it.. rm2 per entry ++ 60 cent per subsequent hour.

on the way we had to stop for shooting.. the parking was a heaven sent.
we had to pass by this huge mountain which turns out to be the A'famosa!!!
photoshoot galore...

the shopping trip began with us going to dataran pahlawan!
(i personally suggested to go there first since i hate the sun...)
bought a grey tee at F.O.S(which i later regret cause hisham's little brother has the SAME shirt.. fuck)
one shorts from padini!
managed to get izzh to agree to be my model for next sem by bribing her through buying her a pair of heels.... we paid equal amount but to me... i WON)

OFF TO JONKER!!! (Dan Gianni told me it was better to shop at night.. he used to live here he informed me sarcasticly...)

hey it was F.U.N.
the place was packed as HELL!!!
i hate crowds....
managed to score 3 shirts!!!
bought 2 for myself and 1 for hisham
oohhh.. and gifts for the family
nunchaku and scooter shaped key chain for the little brother
frog shaped musical instrument (wooden and it croaks when you stroke its back) for big brother
cat shaped wooden pegs for the brother's gf
frog shaped wooden pegs for the sis
and a metal mobile where the spinning part is a girl and a boy and the static part is a tower with a heart-shaped top.
and colorful dark blue light blue and white balls filled with lights for me!

the trip was freakin tiring!
finished on 250.
im getting good at saving..

sent izzh home later where she trusted me with the directions to get out of her kampung

after the bridge turn right or was it left.... (=_=)

got home at 3! boy was i tired...
but before letting nabel aka baby off i must3 show him my under construction room!
since he talked so much about it.. better show it to him first hand...

accompanied nabel to mid valley..
(he called me at 10am to tell 'ask' me out to meet his fren kai.. sigh)
got myself together at 1015 and waited for him at 11!
his dad pick me up.
nice fellow.
cared a lot about his young..
when we arrived we were like looking all over for *a*s that might look like the fren of kai.
was quite funny coz it turns out of then that passed by us was him.
had breakfast at starbucks and later went for a movie.
(going quite fast and briefly because this trip is quite boring..)
watched star trek. for the second time.
(really wanted to watch monsters vs alien IN 3D! couldnt watch it last week with nina since her frens came late.. we waited in what i might describe as a train of people but that is still an under statment. the line was LOOONNNNG. when it was FINALLY our turn her friend called to cancel watching a movie..ouch..)
after the movie we met kai's fren's ex.
he's quite snobbish..
hate people who thinks they're better than everyone else..
were born the same okay!
you're just attractive because u have VERY pale skin.
other than that, your face is not EVEN MIXED!

after sending them off...
nabel bought a black skinny at romp.
he looked okay... forced him to ask the cashier to cut it shorter...
topman was boring
zara got nothing new...
in the end i went shopping at watson.
bought a moisturiser for the little brother and skin care items for me..
(i got a huge zit size of mount kinabalu on my left cheek.. grrr)
went back by train!
im a native when it came to train travelling... SADLY

to hisham,
you got yourself a mountain with your name.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

haven 50% completed!

it took me 6 hours and 35 minutes to finally complete it!! (i counted)
its finally done!!
(pics of only 1 wall... the other 3 does not matter much since its all black and some portion of blue including the ceiling..)

the egg cartons are reminisce of what my little brother left off from his futile attempt to cover the whole room with it to cushioned the soundwaves of his continual thumping of his drum set (MY room was altered to HIS moderation onto becoming his music room post UiTM calling for me)

i left the three remaining as atribute to his failure and dismay.


now only the other 50%

the furnishing bit...


hello cool new bed, drawer, table + +...

he he he..

welcome to my soon to be completed studio/room new furniture

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new paint job.

though out of no new things to do...
i went to ye olde pharmacy where i used to work..
(yes, i was exuberantly bored)
and to no surprise, i was STILL BORED.

as if nothing would turn a sour day grey,
me mum called later on to inform me that were finally going to go buy the paint i need for my room (gasp!)
hahahah!!! so after 3 weeks of waiting i finally get a new coat of paint for my horrendous room!!!

guess what the color is...
well its not really a color.
its not classed as one actually.

as if im not depress enough.
now im inducing my own depression.

and yeah..
so i actually started to paint at 11 pm and stopped for sleep at 6am.
whats once was blue was now 3/4 black.
best part even the ceiling is black!
my room/studio is almost complete!!

now to get white furnitures...

hello ikea, goodbye money..