Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

no more diploma

after all that had happened thank god i managed to finished my diploma. though it's not the best this was all that was i able to do in such short notice. i dont really care of your negative opinions of my collection. at least its not stolen ideas. its from my own mind and if by chance u've seen it before, its by pure coincidence. not one design is original in this world, just different ways of emulating ideas.
the only question that always pop in mind is why does my designs lack futuristic components like what other designers are doing today. my answer is simple. i love the rich costumes of history more than the avant garde silver of tomorrow. it's sincerely based on the man's mind and likes than current trends and styles for their own collection.

with the end result and all the hate, consideration to continue fashion is still doubt. degree is such a blur... maybe i'll continue masscom. maybe..

diploma collection: