Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


its only been 2 hours since im grounded yet i am totally paranoid/lonely/scared/traumatized/desperate...

i need my handphone...
even though its not ringing its nice to know you can at least have communication to the outside world whenever you're alone.

no handphone
cant go out
cant continue my studies
had to delete facebook



im grounded.
cant continue my studies.
mum forced me to quit.
the end of my career in fashion
Au revoir

Sunday, February 21, 2010

never mind the idiot

thus the beginning of thy new era although what may be called a bit imploring to justify, the end of a dynasty the crumbling of a monastery and the final legacy to my unnerving life as a disproportionate student, deaf to thy feeling of any physical sensation soon, the ball of the night shall end in delight.

in other words....


what seem like an endless journey towards the final marker has seemingly come to a final end. in another few final months i shall end my time as a glorified designer of a student.


an end.


though thought of as another snicker of joy injected to give another sensation to the zest of living in a world of dying legends, surrounds me in its glimmer of hope and injustice forever making life as miserable as possible. oh what new HATE shall i meet soon?? yes. hate. new hateful resigns to meet in my coming years...

started off as a student forever destined to draw life in it's accurate glory, rejected i did, avoiding the call of the canvas to sew more and more desperado designs in the form of dress..
how it seems so funny for me, a ruffian to divulge in the world of beauty and euphoric nature of serene softly lined fabric.


in the mind of the bimbonics = expensive clothing, beauty, fame, glamour++

what actually reads as a warning sign to drama, hate, anger, lust, vengeance, no sleep, tired life, hollow victory and lies.

i may not continue in this line of work.
i find myself not worthy.
i hate the judgmental eyes of the discriminating public.
i hate to be looked at.
i hate to bargain.
i hate everything to do with humanity.


so be it.
final destitution

welcome to the dark labyrinth of disaster which can literally be translated to the dysfunctional mind of ZHARIN ZERRONEMO ZIPPER.

enjoy the pleasures of the end.
wait for my final show.
the diploma show of distorted demure.
my end.


i blog this when I'm in a state of blurred loneliness.
i don't have many opportunity to blog as often as before.
living as a final semester student sucks..
though i finish things fast,
loads of works, short dateline and stab-your-back kind of friends do you no good.
what's left is a whole lot of propaganda and lies.
no friend does not mean no future.


life is best lived alone with your work
creating beauty which derives from your mind.
i rather stay alone and finish all my works as i have proclaimed in my mind than go out to have fun and do last minute work..

shit. i've got to stop writing crap.

i mourn the death of you oh great Lee Alexander McQueen...