Saturday, February 14, 2009

the adventure called overturn

acts of random kindness.

nice e?
but it doesn't seem to apply to us homo-sapiens anymore.
sadness has eluded this fact by the preach of indecent illusions.
all humanity.
through and through,
the roads we traversed are paved with thorns,
yet the choices we made have confined us to the devastation.
malicious reality.
lustrous vengeance.
each are connected from different angles.
how ironic must life be?
helm must we hold of this unified diversity to avoid the plagues of mankind.
we fall too quickly don't we?
falter to the shelter of persona.
hiding behind the masks or revealing mannequins,
with expressions carved upon each facial point which really gives us any impression of living.
i discard you oh bittersweet love.
if were to part, then admittedly i kneel to the truth.
i am not perfect.
i am no angel nor am i a god.
mercy upon me.

love for the fact that i am human.
care for me not.
shall it bother the distress propaganda drawn upon your face?

i reside in my illusions.
the hostility is of much offence.
i took refuge in my own world.
this eden upon earth man has long seek.
thou shall not fear for any punishment.
to love is my sin.

my burden alone.
don't be anguish by my residence in your life.
the incandescent light upon my soul remains luminous.

don't look for me.
my ego eludes me from the words I AM SORRY.

in my mind, I'll forever be correct.
euphoria no more my dear.
sweets are vengeance made of lust and hate..

divulge in me no more.

happy valentines..

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  1. ala chomeyl nyer..i lupa plak nama dier..okie jgn sentap..u sngt la brilliant..kan...