Monday, May 11, 2009

to Chronos for Eros

to write,
my mental state is to be weary..
blank as it seems words resonance through clean and clear.
to be precise,

the end has already began.
the two year era ended with a sullen good bye and a hallowed will of unfortunates.
though began a new,
the end of my ways,
my only virtue,
to the brimming birth of the beginning,
the divided truth,
the matriarch or matrimony,
the answer to the man at sea

love by any chance, was breathe upon me,
lingering from the tip of my hair,
running over my warmth....
warmth the skin on my sullen face...
warmth the limbs of mu adjusted hands....
warmth the soul of my forbidden body...
the end..
oh the end...

through my deliberately created void of emptiness to fulfill the unforsaken lust of the demon ripping it's claws upon me from the innards out.

warmth flows from the inside to the outer shell to cast shadows of limber thorns deliberately cutting the missing skin,
plunging its eyes into mu sore muscles,
cutting through the flesh unto my heart to nonetheless devoid attention over the masked evils once called home.
unravel thy thee to reveal thy demon bespoken to as prejudice.
reference of the devil mind, benevolence thy give birth..
melancholic lulls of future testimony............

eager for the future yet lust for the past.
forgotten present...

Eros you are too cruel to fall for Chronos.....
eating the worms inside you he will....
indulge in the undyings...
remember the truth.
immortality means not when you are alone.
yet means hell when u have are in chains................

blasphemy i befriend you.
may chaos erode and the partisans to continues...
may adversaries lie to face the earth
and devout to the hymns of death..
march on dear lowly souls...
thy poltergeist shan't fear thy truth..

LUST derives me.
love enrages me.
lies envelopes me.

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