Tuesday, December 23, 2008

how i learn to speak german

through exploited use of myspace, i met a friend who profoundly has a huge unrealistic enthusiast for speaking German. as bored as i tend to be at an hour so awkward to be blogging (creating my very first blog(!) aside from my current myspace blabs) i read through the instructions on HIS blog on how to pronounce sublimely hard (or it seems so which irritates me to hear that he spoke too fluently that i usually forgot how to pronounce it 3 seconds later) oh, beforehand, he called me to ask what had i bought ( went shopping with my sister earlier on. actually i was merely escorting her as she met her friend to pass along a pendrive. unfortunately means i have to wake up at 6.30 am to get myself ready so i can tag along with our mother to her office so later we can stroll down from the syabas building to the LRT station. from kerinching to klcc. from there as i awkwardly perceived, is boring. so we travelled to mid valley so i can fulfill my lust for earthly goods (bags,shoes,shirts etc) when i finally reached the seed boutique to my dismay and HUGE disappointment the bag is there but the color i wanted is out of stock ( noooooooo!!!!!) a few cries of dismay later i strutted through the human traffic (passing by school kids which i solemnly hate for their huge ego and worst sense of style. I've heard of small tees but guys wearing ridiculously very very very small tees? what WERE going through their minds? grabbing attention for mockery and finger pointing i guess..) as i bluntly ridiculed them in my head for every item they had on i finally made it to the top floor. (movie floor or so i call it) where my sister had finally purchased a birthday present for her friend which turns out was in October. or was it September? whatever should you care right? near the cart, was the converse store which in turn was the place i bought my shoe ( after much dismay and grief over the inadequate storage they have for the shoe size of the shoe designs that i love, i finally settled on a plain cream colored sneakers) and that i guess answered the question what i bought today.

sorry for the loads amount of brackets!!!! i just love to put my mind in writing (thus the purpose of my blog)

to continue on, i have learnt how to speak in German though as idiotic as i sound, i was good..

therefore, GIVE ME AN A+++ NABIL!


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