Friday, January 9, 2009


in the end lo and be hold!!!
i chose the great wave off kanagawa!

she ( the lecturer) loves both idea and i chose the painting sincw in my class im the first one to actually want to recreate a painting embodiment into a dress!

today's update;
had a screeeaaaaming headache in the morning due to last night's late night randeverous. (did my assignments... trying to finish the researc book for design class which in difrent class the lect gave 3 weeks to finis but in mine only 1 (sigh) therefore i made an early jumpstart and started it off early since i got the info already.. :) ) which in turn caused me to wake up at 11.
(good thing there is no class today...)

after much turning finally my roomate burst in after class and begged me to take a shower to accompany him to lunch. (sigh.... 1st time i was able to sleep in in weeks..)

lunch.. was free. yet the situation was not.
sucks!!! i hate chicken curry!


upon returning, it was 1230.
tired as heck (not knowing why)
i slumped on my bed and look across, signalling the evil deeds to my roomate..
he got the message and killed off the fan.
im the devil.
i influence the bad side of humanity.. :)

woke up at 230~
oh joy!

i havent slept that badly.

in my genuine gesture to finished off my off day from classes, i have planned to finish my pattern homework (7 dart manipulation including adding the seam allowence and redoning the painfully annoying slashed dart.... i had fun!)
pattern class is blast!!! (for now..)

and indeed finished it i did. :)

since i got a lot of time on my hand, i started to do my researh book again.
cut and paste over and over and over and over..

finally landing on a muse.

(mostly because i have an IN STYLE magazine's article on her.. hohohohoho)

thefore i have chosen to recreate the romantics of gwen's exuberent style and glamour!

p.s, redecorated my room...
i got 3 tables now for my work.. :)

(a lot of smileys have been put up.. must be a happy day for me.)

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  1. Tahniah Banget...U sker jadi centre of attention kan...creative sngt la nie came out with this idea...Im proud of you...macam bapak ckp kat anak la plak...