Friday, January 2, 2009

new year....

the inevitable has happened.
its new year.. (technically it has been new year for 3 days...)
new year=new challenges, new adversaries, new adversary.

new semester=pain+misery

yet again i began my search for a new muse.
in inspiration, in idol, in life.

for design, given only two options; i) livings in the forest/jungle (nature)
ii) painting from famous painters through the era

with a hint from the lecturer(i will define this class as inadequate if everyone chose the first option... sigh) i chose paintings..(which i finally made up my mind this morning..)

so.... the painting...
i chose. MADONNA by Edvard Munch.

yes. i love her.

the image long thought just to be a question mark later to be answer by the lithography version which included several addition.

the serene image a young damsel no younger than 25..
in full blossom, in her prime.
her face full of light, contempt, and the gush of emancipation can immediately be felt upon further gaze upon her lovely face..
the red halo, in my p.o.v. signifies the young angel not at her prime, still full of youth, not yet matured but still... at her best.
the dark shadows in her background symbolizes the depress reality of the world, yet unable to engulf this beauty for her presence is enlightening by the visibility of a source of light upon the face and body from the angle of left up..
she is eternal..

the lithography version includes a frame, embellished by the image of several beings what look like tadpoles or more accurately sperms. the sperms as it seems originated from a fetus. an incomplete form of a human being with a sad writhing frown upon his face. for those who reads of the history behind the artist, Edvard Munch, you'll know of his sufferings...

born without the presence of a mother, the death of her sister and eventually his entire family, death seems to be his only purpose for living..
depressed as he is he strives to disambiguate himself from the era of impressionist and divulge himself into the limitless wonder of the expressionist, where emotions and scarred memories does make its contribution.

therefore, it is only explainable that the fetus is he himself, Edvard Munch, and the Madonna as Mary or in his preference, his mother..
feeling distant, he cant really relate himself to his mother. he longs for that connection but can never achieve it for the bond can't begin if it never exist.

now, the fun part..
interpreting it into a casual dress...



  1. erm i am not a person who has artistic view on paintings...but all i can say is that "u go boy!!"Do wuteva u like.get inspired.interpret the painting the way u want it to be interpreted and all the best for ur new design..can't wait to see it!!!Okie..i dah ngomel panjang...enuff nabeyl..

  2. gotta interpret THAT into a casual dress..? wahh.. samat maju jaya...!