Saturday, November 21, 2009

bloody bloodbath

today was another stringently eventful day.
though i woke up early to write my last update,
i soon fell for the calling of sir sandman and took my 40 winks until it was 1330.

twas an excuse..
but i was not in the mood to face the day...
but through my inbox text messages,
ery from unisel contacted me.
he wanted to borrow my designs for his theater production...
since i have no more use for it,
i complied.
so i had to wait for him until evening to pick it up.
have to actually face the world....

1st agenda.

breakfast-hot dog sandwich, nuggets.

re-edit/repair the dresses.


to make this less sufferable, i rang nabil up yesterday and made plans to go out later.
so. something to look forward to...

fast forward,
ery didnt reply my msgs and nabil was coming soon (it was already 730)
so fuck off
im going out.

went to sunway pyramid.
was a bit of a bloody mess it was.
parking lot was a gem hard to dig out.
was disillusion for parking space for nearly an hour.
crappy adventure it was.
but was enjoyed through and through for i had been able to hang out again with my old bloke/compadre/amigo nabil.

went lookin fer his tees we were.
for his dinner tmrow.
was lookin for autumn dresses,i meant tees.
thats the theme for his dinner.
that bloke got paired up with a beauty of a sheila, rumitha was er name.

hahaha! my slang is so badly scarred.
thanks to the influence of foreign movies...
before we head back, nabil wanted to try krispy kreme...
so we went and bought a dozen doughnuts.
fattening was the taste.
as we head back, we reminisce...
the idea of a movie marathon was beginning to rust.
we had the idea since we first knew each other.
since he is soon to fly off.
why not?
i invited him to my house for the movie.
(was looking fer a place to eat anyways)
and we got to sit down and watched eden lake.
was a gruesome movie it was.
(p.s. ery did come to pick up the dresses. when i was about to leave the mall. had to ring up my sis to help to give the dresses)

it has the same effect on me when i watched 28 days later.
a movie about death and no hope.
i love english movies.. they have purity and essence.
not like hollywood.
we just dont really expect what to happen next.
was bloody brilliant.

here's the poster

and here are some of the scenes....

now im afraid to have children of my own...

next to brett, she (paige (finn atkins)) was the worst of them lot.
would gladly run her over and reverse (12 times repeatedly) !!


  1. owh cepat googled gambar pompuan ni..haha..ske panggil org old bloke..but at least it's better that the one u wanted to address me parents like children kot cita tu...eeeerrrrriiiiieeee

  2. hell no that bitch is definitely fugly. she must be really scarry thou in that movie though i hv nvr watch Eden Lake.

  3. good!
    agreed upon!
    deleted after watching it.
    makes me sick to think fugly children can be that annoying