Friday, November 20, 2009

a series of unfortunate disaster leading to my soon to be impeding moody behaviour

after a week of deprived thirst to taste the world outside the window, finally the day of my 2nd date, my 2nd outing actually (don't know why it seems i only go 1 outing per week and it all falls on Thursdays.... IRONIC) arrived..

to my bleak expectations, i woke up at 9 ( after much twist and turning the night before due the the exuberant amount of influx in the term of new ideas...)though happy with the thought of finally managed to imagined what the queen might look like i slept for a maximum of 3 hours! (fuck)

due to my childish nature, i woke up early.
excited. though initially sleepy, to be reminded of the outing,
im up up and away!! (from the bed)

with the regular activities in mind,

(zerronemo's holiday schedule= wake up, shower, clean clothes, dry em, sweep floors, wash dishes, cook breakfast/lunch [which usually consists of home made quater-pounder burger] eat while watching tv, go upstairs and do research/online/game [currently rune factory 2/final fantasy 8] until my eyes go red)

i didnt do any except shower, online for awhile and wash dishes (only because my big brother was in a bad mood [sheesh])

fave artist of the moment,

aghast! to my horror, my favorite piece of shorts was missing!
the outfit that has been pre-planned to wear today was disrupted
gone were the 'the look' i was going for that day.

what to wear!
in frantic, unloaded all feasable looking tee... ( all that i find cute)

i kicked and screamed while still looking for my shorts (my brother was out)
it was not in the washing machine,
not in my mum's room
not in my brothers' room
not even in my sister's!
(could my little brother brought it with him to college? i wonder....)

i looked up down high and low.
still it couldnt be found..
i even looked outside! (which seems petty at the moment)

text message received

h="bru bgn! kne tolong mama hantar barang jap. lps ni trus siap!"

z="u dah blk gtau! tgu u siap i blh siap 3 kali!"



to my dismay.

text message received

h="bru blk! nak siap!"


z="................(didnt reply'

havent found anything...

option 2.
i have many cute shirts!
why didnt i thought of it sooner??
(maybe because the look i had in mind today was easy breezy covergirl...[WTF?LMAO])

shirt 1*= nooo!!
shirt 2*= maybe...
shirt 3*= omg why did i bought this in the first place???
shirt 4*= if im going into blue collar hell...
shirt 5*= hippy me...
shirt 6*= is this mine?
shirt 7*= i give up

(f.y.i, with every pair of shirt i changed from skinny jeans, to straight cut, to black shorts and finally earth brown shorts... not tiring at all)

with the computer blaring my current favorite songs LOUDLY

playlist=(not in order of favorite)

1. doesnt mean anything - alicia keys
2. video phone - beyonce feat lady gaga
3. 3 - britney spears... (ironic. 1,2,3 not only you and me, got 180* and im caught in between! hahahahah)
4. sexy bitch - david guetta feat akon
5. down - jay sean feat lil wayne
6. tik tok- ke$ha
7. bad romance- lady gaga
8. alejandro (dont call my name) - lady gaga
9. filthy pop - lady gaga
10. no way- lady gaga
11. dance int the dark - lady gaga
12. bad romance (music video) - lady gaga
13. this is it - micheal jackson
14. russian roulette - rihanna
15. fight for this love - cheryl cole
16. badboys - alexandra burke feat flo rida
17. nobody in english - wondergirls
18. situation cant go right - lady gaga feat asher roth

i was in disillusionment...

what to wear!!!
in a deranged pursuit,
i was running back and forth still looking for the pants...
i am sweating.

text message received

h= "bru kuar rumah!"

after much rampage and berserk'n moments,
i have to settle on something...

stupid P.A. navy blue shirt
ugly SEED earth brown short pants
brown crystal bracelet (Carrollite Dolomite Hematite Chalcopyrite)
old P.A sling
black springfield

(dont know why i wear a whole lot of padini today... sigh)

with my cardy and jacket in my sling, i was almost there...

what to wear today!
list of available fragrance = ch 212, jpg, black xs, hugo, dior homme...

because of my stupidity,
i sprayed dior instead of 212.

fuck summore...

i was a disaster.

1:45 pm

h= "lg 5 minute"

fuck fuck fuck
off to tie my shoes...

after much complications,
im finally out!!!
through a long process of contemplation.
we decided on going to mid valley!

no parking...
none in the gardens.
none in megamall.
after much rousing

found a spot!
quite near to the entrance i might add
luck is finally turning

off to the ticket booth!!!
the queue was horrendous!

a loooooooong agonizing wait pursue...
oh well..
at least i get to bore my mate with the ideas and concept of my designs next sem.
if only thou had ears to pay attention to my verbal abuse... sigh

when it was finally our turn,
two ticket booth was open for service!
opting for the less attractive attendant, (thou eyes shall not gag in awe in front of me!)
we bought two tickets for astroboy!!!!

watched it on its premier!
tick was for 3:30
the time now, 3:05

will we be able to eat on time?
will we be able to actually decide on where to eat on time??

due to my shy yet private nature,
food court is a huge no-no. (too many choices!)
mcd was our replenishing spot for the day.

z= "sempat ke makan?"

h= "sempat jerh..."

z= "kalo x dapat tgk preview i blame u"

h= "oooohhhhh!! sempat jerh"

z= "(rolling eyes) yela tuh..."

h= " ha! buat mate buat mate! LOL"

we didnt get to see the preview.....
loads of seats open
not many are as enthusiastic to support my childhood hero today it seems..
oh well.
more private moments for me i guess.
yeay! no crowd!

enjoyed it
had two streak of good movie to watch!
(though for both week the initial agenda was to watch 2012....)
last week was my fav movie ever (for this season only really)


loved loved loved it!!!!
my favorite was IN THE END
because my beloved band of actors from MIDDLEMAN (4BIA)
was back!
yeay to ter aey puak and shin
owh and Banjong Pisanthanakun for directing it.


after the movie,
golly gie!
let go to MPH!
the land of marvel and fantasy...

found THE BOOK
THE BOOK of fashion!
garment construction dan design..
omg omg omg
have to tell mom.

phone was not functioning....
had to postpone...
sorry new friend... will buy you later...

through much deliberation, finally bought my research sketch book!
can finally start on my research properly.. (ho ho ho)

next stop.. KAMDAR!
looked at some fabric...
was not awed...
got a few samples...
and finally was on our way back home
(not without ice cream.. hahahah)

before the engine start to rumble, i show h my designs..
hard to explain, but hopefully understood..

home bound!
if it wasnt because of my stupid look i would have enjoyed the day...
the events pursuit cant be elaborated do to sexual contents that didnt happen...

leaving me very frustrated and annoyed..
no mood.
ate mum's mac and cheese.
went to bed...
woke up accidently at 3:45 am.
wrote this blog update...

dont let your PHOBIA bite.

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